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Як алкоголь знущається над організмом: 10 страшних наслідків зловживання спиртним - 24 Канал

Despite numerous restrictions on the sale and production of alcohol in Ukraine still remains a large number of people abusing the “green serpent”, and there are such as among the adult population and among young people. Every man needs to realize what the consequences from this habit, but not everyone knows about it. So tell how the effects of alcohol on the body.

First of all, alcohol causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels, according to the resource UKRHEALTH.

The thing is that usually after we take a certain dose of alcohol, sugar levels in our blood are significantly reduced or increased. And in the end it causes a feeling of weakness, dizziness, problems with orientation.

In addition, as a result of alcohol consumption, and worsens heart rhythm.

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause increased heart rate and malfunctions of the heart. The toxins contained in alcohol, enter the blood and disrupt the normal operation of various body systems, particularly the cardiovascular system.

After taken “chest” of a few grams was happening and reddening of the skin.

One of the results of the effects of alcohol on the circulatory system — vasodilation, which leads to noticeable redness. In some people, alcohol causes significant changes in body temperature and sweating.

Also people who do not know the steps in the use of alcohol, there are problems with vision, namely its turbidity.

Toxins that enter the bloodstream, affect the eyes, it becomes blurry and foggy. Note that this is quite a dangerous phenomenon, not only because the consequence may be the gradual deterioration of vision, but also because people in this state are more likely to become a victim of an accident.

Як алкоголь знущається над організмом: 10 страшних наслідків зловживання спиртним - 24 Канал

Because of the large amounts of alcohol is even worse the coordination of Your movements.

A person in a state of intoxication weakens not only muscles, but reflexes, she loses her balance. Therefore, such a person often falls, it can be an accident. It is also largely loses self-control.

No less serious can be digestive problems after a few shots.

Alcohol disturbs the acid-alkaline balance of the stomach, causing him irritated and inflamed mucous membrane that protects the stomach wall from acid contained in the gastric juice. The result can be gastritis or acid reflux. And the worst thing that can happen is a stomach ulcer, stomach cancer and esophageal cancer.

At the same time using alcohol can occur dehydration (dehydration).

Kidneys are organs that suffer the most from the abuse of alcohol. They have to work hard, removing toxins from the body. As a result, the body loses too much fluid and salts.

Accompanied by the abuse of spirits, and headache.

High levels of toxins in the blood and problems with metabolism are the cause of headache and hangover. Often a few hours after drinking alcohol a person experiences muscle tension and her headache (migraine).

Don’t forget about the nausea.

Those who drank too much, often nausea and vomiting, disturbed digestion. The person feels dizziness and difficulty maintaining balance. In some people these symptoms occur even after a small “doses” of alcohol.

Як алкоголь знущається над організмом: 10 страшних наслідків зловживання спиртним - 24 Канал

And, of course, after the alcohol can be liver problems.

The liver plays an important role in the processing of substances contained in alcohol. Therefore, an excessive “dose” of alcohol directly affects and disrupts its normal operation. If intoxication of the liver alcohol occurs regularly, her condition is deteriorating and there is cirrhosis of the liver.

We will remind, according to nutritionist Galina Nezgovorova, alcoholic beverages – too much load for the body, but a small number of quality wines to drink, however the dose should be measured according to Your weight. In addition, before use, should check whether You have chronic diseases.

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