Alcohol quarantined: the doctors said that can happen

Алкоголь на карантине: медики рассказали, что с вами может произойти

Some Ukrainians believe that the best preventive measure against the pandemic coronavirus is alcohol. However, it’s not just the Ukrainians. For example, in Russia in the last week dramatically increased the sale of alcohol.

Doctors told whether it is possible to prevent infection alcohol and how alcohol affects the body during epidemics. This was announced by the publication

Now, scientists warn that the use of alcoholic beverages in the conditions of isolation in several times increases the possibility of developing alcoholism.

According to doctors, excessive consumption of alcohol can affect the body. It is clear that under a strict quarantine, many people are in a stressful condition. But to relieve stress alcohol is also not desirable. The doctors say that it’s better to just relax and find something else to do than to relax by introducing yourself in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

You also cannot drink alcohol at dinner or at any other time of the day. Therefore, you may develop alcohol dependence.

And now the most important thing. Is alcohol a prophylactic against Covid-19? Experts point out that alcohol has a negative impact on the protective functions of the body. In other words, alcohol does not enhance immunity.

Besides, with a sedentary lifestyle, frequent alcohol consumption leads to end of quarantine to obesity, disease of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system.

Therefore, from alcohol for a period of quarantine should be abandoned.