ALEKSEEV explained why still gives concerts in Russia

ALEKSEEV объяснил, почему до сих пор дает концерты в России

Ukrainian singer ALEKSEEV (real name – Nikita Alexeev) after the occupation of Crimea and part of Donbass continues to play in Russia. For cooperation with the country-aggressor artist has repeatedly condemned in the network. Now ALEKSEEV has decided to publicly explain why he is touring in Russia.

He did it in the “high life”. ALEKSEEV admitted that in Russia he has a lot of fans, so for them every time the actor is sent to Russia and gives a loud concerts.

I love music and going where it is. In Russia I have a lot of fans who love me for the music. And at each concert I always sing in the Ukrainian language,
explained ALEKSEEV.

At the same time, the singer commented on the overall situation with Russian performers. According to him, many Ukrainian artists refused to tour in Russia not because of Patriotic reasons. ALEKSEEV is convinced that many domestic singers are not popular in Russia.

“I wouldn’t say that many actors refused concerts. A lot of artists say they did so because they’re not wanted”, – he added.

Who Alekseev?His solo career began Alekseev on the show “the Voice”. After a spectacular appearance on the project, he burst into show business. Subsequently, the artist was marked by considerable scandals: Alekseev received a Russian MUZ-TV and Ru.TV and in 2018 was made by Eurovision from Belarus.