Alekseev for the first time commented on the rumors about the novel with the soloist of “VIA Gra”

Alekseev впервые прокомментировал слухи о романе с солисткой "ВИА Гра"

In early April, the media exploded with news that controversial singer Alekseev, who continues to tour in Russia and received there the award, had an affair with the lead singer “VIA gra” Ulyana Sinickas. The other day the artist decided to comment on these rumors.

As he admitted during the broadcast on the TV channel “Ukraine” with Russian singer mark almost 2 years. But the question really between him and Ulyana Sinickas Roman Alekseev mysteriously answered.

Maybe, maybe not, who knows. Well, if to speak frankly, I am very, very cautious about his personal life, so I’m always so reluctant to talk about it. A little less than 2 years we know,
– said Alekseev.

In addition, journalists are not spared of another acute issue, which is distributed in the network. Fans Alekseev suspect that the artist generally refers to the LGBT community, and therefore hides the details of his personal life.

“I have some friends gay friends that I normally am, they are wonderful people, creative, it’s their choice, and I have no right to condemn them. And I will absolutely make this decision. But for me, of course, when I heard about it, I feel a bit ridiculous because everyone who knows me closely, and with whom I communicate, you know who I am and understand that it is absolutely impossible. But again, I want to define for all viewers and for you, what a homophobe I am not, and these things I feel as a modern man,” added Alekseev.

By the way, in the beginning of April 2019 Alekseev went on a trip to romantic Venice. The actor was vacationing with a girl, very similar to Ulyana Snezkou – the soloist of group “VIA Gra”. The fact that the singer is on vacation and is located in Italy, confirmed by representatives Alekseev. However, to comment on whether Juliana Senecca have made the company controversial Ukrainians, they refused.

Who Alekseev?His solo career began Alekseev in the show “the Voice”. After a spectacular appearance on the project, he burst into show business. Subsequently, the artist scored a lot of scandals: Alekseev received a Russian MUZ-TV and Ru.TV and in 2018 was made by Eurovision from Belarus.

Alekseev presenting CLP on pisnyu Forever for beloruskogo ugboro on Verbazende: video