Alepin Gauthier: the next generation innovates

Chanel Alepin and his brother Maxime are now in the management team of the law firm Alepin Gauthier founded in 1978 by their parents François Alepin and Brigitte Gauthier. They are in the process of taking over the family business.
B lthough the firm has over 25 lawyers for a total of 40 employees, its business model is quite unique in Quebec, because it has only two partners, all staff are employed.

“We quickly became the parent company of our parents. My brother and I went to our bar almost five years ago and we will become future partners. ”

“As the new generation often wants to bring its color, we brought an innovation with the concept of the right arm. Looking at trends in our industry, we have noticed alerts pointing out that the hourly rate for lawyers is bound to disappear. So many firms have attempted changes with packages, percentages, but in a family-type business like ours, it’s hard to imagine, “says Alepin.

For the next two young people, a stronger innovation was needed to break into the market. Instead of billing on call, they invent a different mode for Quebec SMEs who want telephone support. The cabinet becomes the “Right Arm” of the company.

“It’s unlimited phone support based on the company’s revenue,” says Alepin. For example, for an SME with a turnover between $ 0 and $ 2 million, it would become a customer-right for $ 2400 before tax for the whole year. Leaders can call any firm specialist for advice as many times as needed during the year. There is no limit of minutes or a bank of hours. We are the only ones to offer unlimited service of this kind in Quebec. ”

Family Succession in Business
Parents are always here. But they prepare themselves by various means. Chanel Alepin, along with a friend, entrepreneur Edith Charbonneau, and another friend, Alexandre Raymond, in communications, founded a family succession group four years ago called Family Succession in Business ( com) to support entrepreneurs in family businesses through networking and training.

“We have 100 family take-home members in the organization with various support from specialists such as HEC, Raymond Chabot and the Québec City Transfer Center (CTEQ) to equip those who will take over the reins of the company to make a good contribution. transition by growing the company, she explains. In our group, there are buyers like the Clément family [shops of the same name] who are in the fourth generation of family buyers. ”

For the brother and sister, the transfer process is going well. The business model they are considering will be a co-chair. Although many consultants do not advise, Ms. Alepin mentions the Germain family as an example of co-chairing success.

For now, the family does not intend to put a date for the deadline of the transfer. Because of their expertise, parents will not leave overnight. “We are in co-management and it will last as long as we will have fun working in this way,” says Chanel Alepin. The retirement can be very progressive with a division of responsibilities. Parents will be able to take the place they want over the years.

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