Alexander Golovko: “When Manchester United snatched victory from Bavaria on the basis of the Dynamo were happy as though we won the Champions League”

Александр Головко: «Когда МЮ вырвал победу у Баварии, на базе Динамо радовались, как будто это мы выиграли ЛЧ»

In the second part of a large exclusive interview with the legendary fourth room Dynamo was thinking about the Dynamo, the Champions League and his development as a coach.

In order to get to the Dynamo, he had a Dynamo to beat for a long time it was Alexander Golovko was the only player who became the champion of Ukraine as a part of two different teams, it’s “Tavria” with his help, defeated Dynamo in the final of the first championship of the independent Ukraine, and then another and knocked out Dinamo from the Cup semi-final.

But, being in a club with high competition and challenges, Golovko already contributed to the victories of “Dynamo”. Remember a reliable game in the centre of defence and some very important goals in the Champions League, won eight gold medals of the championship of Ukraine and five cups and reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League and has spent 58 matches for our national team.

In short, a legend. And if so – we have to remember, it is especially interesting to hear it from primary sources.

The difference between ordinary people and genius is in the details. So, Lobanovskiy was a genius

– But I wonder: are you Dynamo knew printouts of their TTD or heard them only in the trainer’s interpretation?

– It lay in the concept of training for the next match and was dependent on the ability of the coaches convey this information to players. And the desire, of course. After all these numbers, you can either punish, or reward.

Yes, the stands were posted signs that supposedly affect something. But still understand that affects all the competition and training. Coaches players see – how you think, how you react, how you focus. But when two equal candidates for one seat coaches can arm themselves with numbers to choose the worthiest.

Again, these numbers can be killed, but you can regret. It is just a tool, nothing more.

– Have you noticed a significant change in these indicators after the arrival of the Dynamo?

– Let’s be honest: none of the teams before Lobanovskiy I have not experienced with any figures. At first we even tried to explain something, to communicate. In Route zealously proved something to Valery Vasilievich (late Lobanovsky it was nonsense), but he had the gift so clearly and unquestioningly to convince us that surely broke all of our arguments that we have offered. And the result was his ally – he wisely encouraged the players to guys not looking around, and complied with all requirements and bear all loads.

– Sorry for possibly basic questions. If you watch a modern look, Lobanovsky Dynamo 90s professed pretty typical for that decade the construction of protection – with a Libero and stopper. And here is the clogs there has been a belated “revolution”, when “Dynamo” played in the line that was played at that time the whole of Europe. It is so or not so?

By and large, playing the Libero is used now – especially in those cases where, by design of the coaches, one of the Central players in a certain phase of the game drops a little lower with a purpose. As a method, it still has the right to life and remains effective. But, on the other hand, of any revolution I wouldn’t have been speechless, because Ukraine seems to be late all went to the game on the line. Even at the end of his football career, I haven’t had the experience of a game in defense. Arriving in China, has passed Crimea and Rome, I could not understand what the coach wants and where to go – we just have in Ukraine in the line to the mid-2000s almost-and not played, I didn’t have the appropriate knowledge. Therefore, the tactical revolutions we had, was functional, a very strict implementation of the objectives and coherence – all defend, all attack, all try to tightly and accurately to play against opponents.

– In the “Dynamo” you caught a whole galaxy of gifted defenders: Bezhenar, Lezhentsev, Khomin, Volosyanka, Fedorov… Not counting the young, and wagons, can also play in the centre of defence. How was formed your tandem with Vashchuk? You were more suited to each other in style, combining the qualities of the game, in the end, features of character and temperament?

– And nobody asked us – all solved exercise. We worked, and the coaches were doing the conclusions. Of different options chose this. And if something you don’t like, somewhere lower to requirements or no longer meet the requirements, “sour” – the trainer calls you and says: “Look, here is what is not happy. Here is a competitor, he is ready to take your place. We need to think”. And you go, thinking about yourself. This is coaching. Someone knows how to do it, someone can not. V. well knew how to do it. And well, if I have enough education and knowledge to understand what it requires.

– “Dynamo” on the eve of the return of Lobanovsky was in the game crisis: flew out of the Champions League and UEFA Cup from modest, in principle, “Rapid” and “XEmacs”, flew out of the Cup of Ukraine, losing on penalties Ternopil “Nyva”. As Valery Vasilyevich managed in a relatively short period of the same, in fact, players can create a team, which was able to beat Barcelona, Arsenal, real Madrid?

– First, let’s be Frank, the team that “shot”, took all of the same clogs. He understood the worth of these players and gave them a place in “Dynamo”. Another thing – that the ability to squeeze out of these players high, from Jozsef of Iosefovich was not. But Valery was able to do it, knowing that you need to have a functional frame such things as the possibility of misfires in the championship, so on.

And even though significant improvements in operational readiness and coordination of actions, remember, not forget Shevchenko with the assistance of counsel in Prague, not outstanding shovkovskyi remarkable penalty shoot – out, and could not be of the season with a Champions League semi-finals. It’s just football. Logic it is, on the one hand, but on the other – all depends on luck, which, as you know, is strong.

That is why the first match was tough and even ruthless to seemingly small things. Because he understood: put yourself here for 80%, not 100%, not run in there on two feet, move your leg somewhere else and that’s it. It’s in these small differences, even the little things – the difference between ordinary people and genius. Valery was a genius.

For three years we did not have “connections” to the individual matches, and was one of endless fees

– In the few great seasons in the Champions League on the way the Dynamo have met the greatest players of the decade: Zidane, Rivaldo, Raul, Casillas and many others. What is the work needed to the participants of the championship of Ukraine effectively and at the same pace to play against such opponents!

– Exactly, basically, was not to worship Western “stars.” For this coaching staff especially hoped the training process, looking for a special way in the preparation and neutralization of the trumps of the opponents. The domestic League at that time for us was easy – we tried in the first half hour to realize their advantage, then to have to finish. And prepared-we are just in time for the competition, because of the intensity, energy, energy consumption, international matches were much harder than anything we’ve seen in the domestic arena. That is why the training process, our daily activities, it was our biggest load. For three years we did not have “connections” to the individual matches, and was one of endless fees. I can’t even remember when during the calendar season could have time to relax. So the team Vasilyevich gave a better result than others in the same circumstances, but played at a high level for several years, and then it was sad – squeezed everything, and it was necessary to prepare for football of the highest achievements a new generation. This also has its disadvantages, of course.

But imagine another Ukrainian team, which played with Barcelona or real Madrid, it is impossible…

But the giants now, let’s be Frank. The level of functional training to all teams – even Western, very inferior to what we have now. I already completed the speech, went for an internship in Germany. Sit and analyse what they saw in “Stuttgart” and “Bavaria”. And local coaches come and ask: “why are you here?” “I want something to learn and something to learn” “And we have taken this technique – Valery Vasilyevich requested method of how to improve their fitness”.

And now football is just another big breakthrough in tactics, in the analysis of the game, in the same functional training. Not to mention the business: current grants unprecedented rich and can invest not only in players or the construction of sports arenas, but in the scientific side.

– Did you have as a defense, such wards in the Champions League that you didn’t know how to play?

Raul Gonzalez from real Madrid and Ulf Kirsten of Bayer. Like how everything is close and clear, but they’re always first on the ball. I was angry with myself, and learned a lot of their play, with his head twisted, neck twisted – but to do nothing could.

– The greatness of Zidane in opposition to Juve have yet to understand?

– Well, of course, a great player. He seems to be everywhere at the same time was. No chance to play against him personally despite the fact that everything is tied on it, because there is also such extraordinary players like Del Piero or Inzaghi.

– If Juventus fell Dynamo in March, and in the middle of the season, the chances would be?

I do not know. Not even going to make any assumptions. We had a good team, but the Juventus – that was a great composition. Even this?? thing to say: I think Marcello Lippi was hardly the only coach that Loban will not say feared, but treated him with great respect and attention. Wary, wary. It was clear from his facial expressions, attitude, preparation. What was passed on to us, including me.

– Yet such would be, I think, Arrigo Sacchi and Fabio Capello. In short, the Italian school, which was perhaps the closest to Valery Vasilyevich…

– And why not, it’s a normal topic. It was, by and large, our Dynamo? Remember. Eight people in the “soap” in rolled and??Sheva with Rebrov score where others don’t score.

– You do not have a trip forward with the risk protection, however, overarching goals to Arsenal and Bayer – your asset. The correct calculation?

Where you can, as they say, “to eat” – why not to eat. As coaches say, as well, that score all – then the opponent does not know from whom to wait for threat.

– After a dramatic confrontation with the “Bavaria” in the Champions League semi-finals 1998/99, where there were seven goals in the two and decisive – from the Basler – led Bayern to the trophy match, with what feelings did you look at decisive goals “Manchester United”?

– Everyone was rooting for Manchester United. Crazy final two goals in the last minute… we worked on the base. It seems as if we won the Champions League! It was bright, of course.

– To stay in the final Champions League ten years before was not like this, twenty years after was not, and perhaps for a long time this will not happen with the Ukrainian football.

– And we do not regret anything, we had, as players, a very decent life in football.

After he failed the transition to the “Liverpool”, came the black strip with the death of Lobanovsky and the end of my career

After the Kiev “Dynamo” you will not be bored in football?

This is a separate topic worthy of a book. It’s called “it’s Time to stop playing football is a disaster.” This period in life is changing the attitude. Starts in less claims for itself to present, it’s other’s fault, and you’re always on top form and talent. But no – and who will understand it faster, and the faster you will find yourself later in life.

– The future football could you learn something?

– Well, of course. Especially when other eyes to look at him. I have already mentioned, in the “Qingdao Belait” I have mastered the game on the line. But in “Tavrii” I was faced with playing three Central defenders. Oleg Viktorovich Fedorchuk, probably, believed that we all know how to play in this tactical scheme, and I personally do not know – in the “Dynamo” played with a Libero as a stopper, in China – in line, but all the features of the scheme in three defenders – do not understand. When the lateral is not always returning back, and all the time you have and still have time for a safety net, it’s completely different and special format defensive work. So when I was asked: “are You a left-back playing?”, I left Central when playing in three – said, “Wait, look!” Always a hard activity to think. Faced with this often when young players for lead hands during training, dismantle all the “theories”. They ask: “When should we play?” Answer: “Sunday”.

– At the time, rumors sent you in Lazio, Olympiakos, Liverpool. That is closer to the tabloids and what is the truth?

– “Liverpool” – 100%. Only the lack of experience and communication prevented me to go to school there. I already said goodbye to team-mates, went to Liverpool with representatives of the “Dynamo”, considering that going to sign the contract. But on the site it turned out that I was one of three candidates. I met up with Gerard Houllier at the restaurant, talked to him on the English language, which I had at the time. I practiced with them a week, came back home and that’s it. They signed Cameroonian Rigoberta of the song. That “Liverpool” did not work, I realized, when Valery asked, “how are you? Will this work?” I understood everything, and replied that, of course, will. Someone would think it’s a question of money, but for me it was a question for a new challenge in your career and new challenges in football. I did not ask about the salary or lifting, and wanted to try myself at this level. It was for me, to put it mildly, a disappointment, which was followed by “black stripe” – with injuries, the death of V., the completion of the presentations. But again, I’m not complaining – in football our generation has lived a good enough life.

– Players of your level, it seems, can choose the height of your start. Why did you not start with club teams, and youth teams, where, first, charges need to convey the basics of the game, and, secondly, will have to dispose of those whom God has given, and not who can buy your club, and you can free-invite?

And at first I refused to work in the team. Then when called a second time, offered to go to the headquarters to Yury Kalitvintsev has. Say, “Oh, that’s another matter. Go to the headquarters, smell, talk like everything is”. With Kalytvyntsev worked Yuriy Moroz, and we all went to the European championship.

It was already material for reflection: see how it all works, as 17-year-old wards react to it. In fact, you, even an experienced player, you discover that you don’t really know. You’ve passed a coaching course, carry the baggage that knew the player and heard and saw. And now, having these “tools”, you go to future players and trying to talk to them. And your ability to convince, to inspire, to teach depends, will there be this inexperienced but exciting team.

– Philosophical question: how to evaluate a job coach youth teams? According to the results, the beauty of the game or the number of students who will go next?

Let’s just say the players are preparing in the clubs. And coach needs to know whether he player with a different philosophy, level of training, build a team. There is a philosophy of oneness training – all club teams or national teams played in one football one tactics. I am unable to agree with her, because every single team is players, and it so happens that for a particular scheme in a particular team, just no players qualified.

Therefore, a measure of all – the result is a pass that allows a coach to continue to work and implement their ideas. A measure for him – did he open up interesting player. Players need to understand that every two months they go out to represent the country. And here we have to win for the sake of Ukraine. But these victories depend on the availability of prepared by the clubs players.

So when coaches of youth teams say it’s their player, it’s not. He is a player his club, whom you took for a specific period and either successfully or unsuccessfully use for solving problems of the team.

In the team you cannot teach fundamental things. Pressure is the result of regular training twice a day for a long time. And in the team we are going for a bit, keeping in mind the specific preparation for matches. It’s not up to the fundamental things you need to take these disparate players and combine them for the result.

So here I am, with high-quality game, although, of course, what is meant by quality game is another question. There is a protective tactic is an attacking tactic. There will be victories and defeats, but it is better to watch what the team at the end of 90 minutes wins. When the barrage of criticism against the team Petrakova – and she became world champion. How many decades or centuries will be to repeat this achievement? So everything revolves around the result, it must be admitted. Any trainer of DYUSSH wants with the wards to win. And no matter how you played will judge thee according to victories. “You’re a fine boy, well played – but could not you”. I I could, Junior and youth national teams gave. And now this opinion.

– Does not hurt that in the Ukrainian football so closely?

– And why only in Ukrainian?

– Maybe abroad and not crowded, but there is only “half” of our coach…

– Maybe this is the problem with these coaches? Three times I crossed the border last year on employment in foreign clubs. Discussed with the guidance of various clubs, strategy, goals, prospects.

Is the near abroad, or more distant?

Say Yes, not abroad. Post-Soviet including.

– Imagine a time when you will work with the players, which languages do you know?

– I speak English and can imagine could work as Serhiy Rebrov, who proved everyone seems to be that it is not a barrier. Moreover, there is a football language – a set of common terms, and give a few weeks, you can get used in another language environment. I’m talking about other things – tasks, mentality and fear. The first thing I ask: “And you’re not working abroad?”. And how do people explain what you have in Junior and youth teams each match is international and almost at the level of the same in the Europa League?

– Coaching is for daily bread or a calling?

– Interesting feature: I don’t lead a team, but all the time my thoughts are with the football. Analyze the matches on television, give lectures in the Centre of licensing (thank you for this?? the opportunity). So no football no – are improving all the time, I read, watch a lot of games. Like any coach, I need people to explain – if not to the players, the fans and fellow coaches. It is a necessity.

So I’m thankful for the family?? patience and understanding, because without it I would be difficult to continue to play football and to

Александр Головко: «Когда МЮ вырвал победу у Баварии, на базе Динамо радовались, как будто это мы выиграли ЛЧ»

Александр Головко: «Когда МЮ вырвал победу у Баварии, на базе Динамо радовались, как будто это мы выиграли ЛЧ»

Александр Головко: «Когда МЮ вырвал победу у Баварии, на базе Динамо радовались, как будто это мы выиграли ЛЧ»

Александр Головко: «Когда МЮ вырвал победу у Баварии, на базе Динамо радовались, как будто это мы выиграли ЛЧ»

Александр Головко: «Когда МЮ вырвал победу у Баварии, на базе Динамо радовались, как будто это мы выиграли ЛЧ»

Александр Головко: «Когда МЮ вырвал победу у Баварии, на базе Динамо радовались, как будто это мы выиграли ЛЧ»

Александр Головко: «Когда МЮ вырвал победу у Баварии, на базе Динамо радовались, как будто это мы выиграли ЛЧ»

Александр Головко: «Когда МЮ вырвал победу у Баварии, на базе Динамо радовались, как будто это мы выиграли ЛЧ»

Александр Головко: «Когда МЮ вырвал победу у Баварии, на базе Динамо радовались, как будто это мы выиграли ЛЧ»