Alexander Gudkov starred in the video for Mikhail Galustyan

Александр Гудков снялся в клипе Михаила Галустяна

Omnipresent and omnivorous Alexander Gudkov played the role eccentricsage couturier Jean-Paul Gudkov in the video for the song Super GOGC “Gold”. Under the alias Super Jogc indulges her pop ambitions of Mikhail Galustyan. In the video Super GOGC, once on fashion show collections Gudkov, doesn’t hold back and jumps on his vending model on the runway, thus disrupting fashion shows.

“No one model during the show didn’t suffer”, – said Mikhail. “By the way, thank Azamat Musagaliev, who wrote the words and music of a new song. And the idea of the video came to us with Garik Martirosyan. We decided that the best Sasha Gudkov, nobody will be able to play with couturier and he really organically looked in this role”.

By the way, June 15, viewers will see STS Galustyan still in the new version of the talent show “Children’s drink”. Also now in the live STS repeat editions of scientific entertainment show “Mike spoils everything” in which the actor plays a catchy genius Mike (from Monday to Thursday at 15:00).

Александр Гудков снялся в клипе Михаила Галустяна