Alexander Kucherenko admitted, does the replenishment of the family with Dimitri Komarov

Александра Кучеренко призналась, планирует ли пополнение в семье с Дмитрием Комаровым

Presenter travel-project “the World inside out” Dmitry Komarov secretly married the journalist and model Alexandra Kucherenko in June 2019. Now the presenter went on another expedition, and Sasha came back from Paris, where he was filming Campana. In a new interview, the girl revealed more intimate details of the relationship with her husband-the traveler.

In an interview with Ekaterina Osadchaya for “high life” Alexander Kucherenko answered the question whether they have plans with Dimitri replenishment in the family.

“We want our family to be big and planned, of course, children. How are we going to create our family, we’ll see,” said the model.

Also the girl admitted that he had not seen Komarov’s more than a month, because the man in the expedition. But Alexander assures that the distance is not very noticeable as they are in constant communication.

Even I used to Wake up early just to wish a good morning and a little later to go to also be connected. Large time limits, but we try to adjust the time to communicate more with each other,
– added traveler’s wife.

Also, she remembered his last trip to the French capital, which, according to her, was romantic. “For me, romance, perhaps even in the jungle. Romance is where my husband,” she said.