Alexander Pushnoy pushed family for the sake of rock music

Александр Пушной отодвинул семью на второй план ради рок-музыки

The couple seem practically not seen, but it suits them.

Broadcaster and musician Alexander Pushnoy always been a workaholic – he managed to combine multiple creative projects, simultaneously doing more and something. In order to develop rapidly in his endeavors, the artist, apparently, even went to extreme measures – he moved the family into the background.

To date, Alexander glimpsed on television, leads a radio show, deals YouTube channel and also likes rock music, which became his main hobby. Fur-writes and cover versions of famous songs, produces her own songs, doing reviews on guitars and other equipment, and also performs at concerts.

In Instagram the star for the last time, there is virtually no mention of the family – no kids, no wife. There are a huge amount of materials on creativity and work, rarely diluted “personal” moments. Even friends found a place in the social networks of Alexander the Fur, but not his wife. Interestingly, she she enjoys drawing and also like not recalls the husband. It is logical to assume that the pair now decided to focus on career and development, and therefore communicates very rarely. However, we cannot exclude the possibility that the couple simply hide my personal life from my fans.