Alexander Samoilenko will deal with the “Consequences”

Александр Самойленко разберется с «Последствиями»

Okko on June 3 premiere of the eight-serial melodrama by Alexander Kott “Consequences” with Alexander Samoilenko, Anne of Taratorkina, Alena Babenko, Vladislav Vetrov, Egor Koreshkov and Sergey Labumiem. The producers of the series production company “Environment” was made by Alexander Tsekalo, Alexander Remizov, Ivan Samokhvalov and Yuri Miroshnichenko. New job, Scott will be available exclusively to subscribers Okko, the press service of the multimedia platform.

“To producing its own content in online cinema Okko we approach very seriously. In the fierce competition in the market is important not only to maintain the high quality, but also pay close attention to the content, which is a distinctive feature of our service. The series “Consequences” is a great example of how dramatic the plot, close to many spectators and a high level of implementation is combined with each other”, – said the General producer Okko Entertainment Sophie Kvashilava.

The audience will tell an intricate dramatic story about the life of a successful businessman Andrew. A few years ago he inadvertently learned that one of the three daughters – not his. Andrew divorced his wife and got full custody of the children, prohibiting the former wife to approach them. All went well, but Andrew was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis: he had cancer and would live for a few months. He understands that his daughters need a mother and makes a proposal to his girlfriend, but accidentally meets his ex-wife and realises that he still loves her.

“As the project has not yet been written, and we have already started casting, it has developed a very interesting situation – we were looking for actors not under roles, and actors for our film. Someone auditioned for one role, and as a result played another. Sometimes in the audition, the actors tell us what then was written in the script. A unique experience. It was hard to find the main character – he had to be strong and weak at the same time an intellectual and a bandit, that is an actor with a wide amplitude, and we immediately stopped at Sasha Samoilenko. I have long been familiar with Alena Babenko who studied at VGIK, but I never took it off, and everything is stuck together – my desire it’s capabilities. Alena was a very interesting role. And, of course, March Timofeev – the girl who impressed me with their professionalism”, – said on the cast of Alexander Kott.

According to Alexander Tsekalo, “the idea of the series brought the actor and Director Eugene Morozov. He became the screenwriter of “Consequences.” On the project also worked with Maria Saprykina and Sergey Kaluzhanov. The choice fell on Sasha Scott, because he understands these stories; the Director himself deep and large production Pro”.

Александр Самойленко разберется с «Последствиями»