“Alexandria” with no problems beat “lions” on the road: video of goals

"Александрия" без проблем одолела "Львов" на выезде: видео голов

“Alexandria” in the framework of the 24th round of the Ukrainian Premier League win of FC “Lviv”, which was left without a head coach.

Lviv – Alexandria 1:2
: Duarte, A 72 – Polyarus, 49, Fedorchuk, 59
Removal: Lipe, 74, Priymak, 90 + 4

For the match against Oleksandriya FC Lviv came without the usual coach. Not so long ago there was the unexpected resignation of Yuriy Bakalov. Nearest match team prepared the coaching triumvirate – Yuri Panfilov, Vitaly Spank and Taras Grebenyuk. Now the club is considering the head coach of several candidates.

The first half of the match in Lviv, ended with zeroes on the scoreboard. Moments were very few, the fight was mostly on the outskirts of the penalty areas. It is possible to note only scoring chance of Polyarus for 28 minutes.

The second part of the meeting is the complete opposite of the first. Already at the 49 minute wonderful combination of the bulls ended with a goal of Oleksandr Bandura. Kovalets passed on the right flank, passed the ball to run hither, then pushed back a little, and the goal was scored by Artem Polyarus.

In 10 minutes Alexandria doubled the advantage in the match – ball after a corner kick bounced to Valery Luchkevich, and the powerful blow from the penalty sent the ball precisely into the top corner.

72 minute, the Karpaty managed to pull one goal back thanks to an accurate shot Bruno Duarte in the penalty area of the opponent. However, once the “lions” were in the minority: the lime in a strange moment, grabbed the opponent’s head. At the end of the match, the hosts earned a second red card, scored Vladislav Priymak.

As a result, “Alexandria” with 44 points, entrenched in third place in the standings of the Premier League. FC “Lviv” continues to close the championship group (30 points).

Video of the match Lviv – Alexandria

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