Alexey the Teacher will put the film about Dmitry Shostakovich

Алексей Учитель поставит фильм о Дмитрии Шостаковиче

Director Alexey Uchitel (“Matilda”, “the archers”) will shoot a film about the Soviet composer Dmitri on Shostakovich. This became known at the pitching, which was held today in the framework of the content market Key Buyers Event: Digital Edition.

The tape will tell you about how Shostakovich was faced with an unusual disease. Fear of movement has deprived him not only of performances but of the ability to compose music. To consult American doctors, the composer went on a journey from Europe to America aboard the legendary Soviet cruise ship. The origins of his illness are referred to in the past, which explains a lot: a break with the wife, denounced on him by the spurned lover, an unexpected call from Stalin. “Leningrad” Symphony will be performed, but at what cost?

The production will Studio by Alexey Uchitel “Rock”. Now the epic drama is in development. As we learned earlier, the basis scenario was based on the book by Oksana Dvornichenko “Dmitry Shostakovich. The journey”.

Алексей Учитель поставит фильм о Дмитрии Шостаковиче