Algeria has postponed presidential elections from-for absence of candidates

В Алжире отложили президентские выборы из-за отсутствия кандидатов

The constitutional Council (CC) of Algeria has rejected the dossiers of candidates who submitted documents for registration to participate in the presidential elections on 4 July. Thus, voting in the prescribed period is impossible, the statement of the Council, Trend reports.

“The files of candidates in the elections of July 4 was rejected, the President will re-convene the election Commission,” – said in a statement to the COP, which is quoted by the Algerian state Agency.

Earlier it was reported that two little-known policy Abdelhakim and Hamid Hamad, Touahri at the last moment submitted a dossier for participation in the elections, which were boycotted by leading Algerian political forces. All other potential participants in the presidential race the candidates to put forward of steel.

According to the law, the applicant must submit personal documents, a certificate of health and 60 signatures of thousands of citizens from different provinces that support the nomination, or signature 600 deputies of different levels.

Algeria for more than three months living in conditions of political crisis, the ongoing popular protests and the political uncertainty of the future.

Ex-Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on 2 April, after mass protests in the country against his nomination for a fifth term prematurely left his post, taking advantage of the 102nd article of the Constitution, which provides for the resignation for health reasons. Bouteflika 82 years old, he had been in power since 1999.

Interim head of Algeria, according to the Constitution, 90 days became the speaker of the upper house of Parliament, Abdelkader Bensalah, considered a close ally of Bouteflika. He issued a decree on holding a new presidential election on 4 July. Presidential term of Bensalah, according to the Constitution, ends 9 July.

However, the Algerian opposition, many public figures and demonstrators opposed the holding of presidential elections on July 4, because they do not trust the current government. The opposition insists on a transition period with the creation of the constituent Council.

At the same time, on the election deadline insisted the Algerian army. In particular, the chief of the General staff of the Armed forces Ahmed, GAID Saleh urged to speed up preparations for the presidential elections, which, in his opinion, will end the political crisis in the country.