“Alia, thank you”: Reznik told how she reconciled with Pugacheva

«Аллочка, спасибо тебе»: Резник рассказал, как помирился с Пугачевой

Ten years did not communicate singer Alla Pugacheva and composer Ilya Reznik, but the accident helped to reconcile the two talented people. Reports Newsmir.info with reference to channel five, celebrity had a falling out over Irina Romanova, a new beloved of the butcher. Pugachev opposed such a relationship, and stopped to chat with the composer.

Ten years after the beginning of the conflict the butcher got sick on the train he sat down on the Leningrad station. The composer was miraculously saved after loss of blood. The appeared in time doctors diagnosed him with gastric bleeding. The butcher made a difficult operation, the ulcer he had was huge. In the end, Ilya Reznik was in the hospital. He was surprised that after a few hours, the first person he called was exactly Alla.

“Alia, thank God, thank you” – was able to say at the moment the composer. According to him, Pugachev had acted very noble, and he believes that call it the most touching thing to do. More recently, Resnick was crowned with his wife in Yalta, one for the ceremony, he did not to invite anyone.