Aliens exist? The experiment will help scientists to find extraterrestrial life

Пришельцы существуют? Эксперимент ученых поможет найти внеземную жизнь

Astrophysics, undertook an imitation of the sound of stars that as a result can help to prove life on other planets

The sound of the stars cannot pass through the vacuum of space, but they still continue to “play”. The core is the hottest part of the star which triggers a complex reaction. Scientists conducted a study and using telescopes identified the most vibrations, converting them into oscillations of the brightness or temperature at the stellar surface.

The experiment will help find out more information about the content of stars that are hidden from the human eye. However, asking the question: “are There aliens?” – the specialists hope to find extraterrestrial life.

Jacqueline Goldstein – PhD student, astronomical Department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison compared the vibration stars with the cello, which also depends on the size and structure. She has developed software MESA imitating the sounds of stars and their frequency, creating a model of the fire giants. It is necessary to monitor their vibration and subsequent comparison with reality. To be able to hear the recorded audio, recording need to speed up millions of times.

Only two things can cause fluctuations in the brightness on the device is the internal oscillations or a planet passing in front of the star. After the search for planets orbiting stars other than the Sun is accelerated, Goldstein received new data on stellar oscillations. Apolgy believe that the reason for this change could be Nibiru, or an alien ship that says directly about their existence. It is enough just to listen to the audio recording to learn a lot about cosmic neighbors people.

Пришельцы существуют? Эксперимент ученых поможет найти внеземную жизнь

Пришельцы существуют? Эксперимент ученых поможет найти внеземную жизнь