Aliens expanded the right to adopt, and for Ukrainians – limited – expert

Иностранцам расширили права на усыновление, а для украинцев - ограничили - эксперт

In Ukraine over the last year has made a number of changes to the procedure for adoption of children, on the one hand, limiting the right to adopt for the Ukrainians, and on the other hand, extending the right to adoption for foreigners. This was told in an interview with the author ZN.UA Alla Kotlyar expert on the protection of the rights of the child Lyudmila Volynets.

According to her, in July last year, changes were made in the adoption procedure that all applicants-adoptive parents must undergo training, the results of which social workers are required to issue a recommendation regarding age, health status and number of children these people it is best to adopt. However, today no region is still not ready to conduct such training, and social workers are not prepared to make such conclusions.

“Rewrite the norm of foreign law is simple. But it needs to be ensured. Based on the already outdated software of 2010 trying to create some kind of European approach to national adoption system. Without the help that candidates received training, the service for children unable to transmit the documents to the court. The court this help, not interested, because it is provided by the decision of the Cabinet, not by the law.

Then, in July 2019, was adopted by the order of Ministry of health, suddenly expand the list of 12 diagnoses, permitting foreigners to adopt children from up to 110. While two thirds of new diagnoses – such that children are adopted and Ukrainians. Otherwise, as a stimulation of inter-country adoption I can’t explain it.

I have quite a high level of trust in adoptive parents to foreigners. But this is violates the law, forming a huge queue of Ukrainians who want to adopt a child.

That is, in July of 2019 was created by two interrelated things. The norm on compulsory education (which was not) stopped the process of national adoption. And at the same time, another decision has expanded the list of children for adoption by foreigners,” explains Wolyniec.

According to experts, the structure of the Ministry of social policy has changed. In a separate structure, outside of the Directorate, was brought to the Department of adoption.

“Why adoption is separated from all the other problems of protecting the rights of the child? This is either an attempt to organize is not a legal process, or an absolute professional incompetence. Both for children critically ill. Sometimes I have a feeling that the control center for adoption is located not in the Ministry. Sometimes it looks like that this competence was assumed a Commissioner for the rights of the child… for its sixth year Mykola Kuleba have never provided the society no report on what he’s doing. It seems to me that our Commissioner is too radical and deviate from the European standard work of commissioners for children’s rights. Sometimes even losing connection with its mandate and working more as interim Minister of a certain Ministry. Very often the functions which he himself holds, overlap with the functions of the Minister of social policy. I sometimes get the impression that the organization of the processes of adoption only Nicholas decides (even orders of ministries approves), and not the man who is currently the Minister of social policy of the Minister of health,” adds volinets.