AliExpress has stopped working in Crimea. This time quite

AliExpress перестал работать с Крымом. На этот раз совсем

Chinese virtual marketplace AliExpress has stopped processing even the “masked” orders from the Crimea. The change of address, VPN, disable geolocation, virtual continental card doesn’t work anymore. In support of the global platform does not recognize that Aliexpress should international sanctions, blocking all blamed on a “technical failure”, writes resource notes

That global virtual marketplace AliExpress does not properly handle the orders from the Crimea, known in 2015. Then the Chinese suddenly learned that in the Krasnodar region of Russia, a metropolis with two million inhabitants and it is a Russian name Seruk. So in the Cyrillic keyboard layout looks the Other value is that Crimeans register in the address field “city” to bypass the lock. The index thus indicates the actual, Crimean, and packages easily found their addressees. Used other “crutches”: the change in the address of letters to numbers and adding extra characters; disable geolocation on mobile devices; use a VPN; regular reinstallation of the mobile app.

But about two weeks ago, all proven methods have stopped working. Payments and accounts are blocked EN masse. Does not help even a complete change of address on the mainland,

discuss the users in the group “the Crimea AliExpress” in “VKontakte”. Do not serve even those customers whose accounts have noted the various vip statuses – they gave Chinese manufacturers from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars.

On what basis is the lock known as from time to time the payments are. But I guess it’s all in the index, divided guesses customers AliExpress.

Some helps only a complete change of the account with a new email address and phone number. The address should contain only the mainland index, giving users of the group “AliExpress Crimea”. After the order the customer will have to manually email the seller and ask to change the address.

Or add the Crimean index in one of the address fields, in the hope that the postal workers of Russia will know to read it and redirect the parcel to the Peninsula.

The risk to remain without money and without explanation this drastically increases after 2 months of waiting at the post office the parcel will go back to China. And the seller is unlikely to show sensitivity when considering a request for refund from the client with the status of a beginner: “the probability to grab the lock after you open a dispute is very high,” write experienced buyers.

For the Crimea, where, five years after the reunification with Russia, no mainland retailers, and the prices of everyday goods going through the roof, the Chinese AliExpress is not only savings. Often a way to buy the required goods on the Peninsula, the assortment of stores, even the major shopping centers in Sevastopol and Simferopol is poor. But Russian Internet sites with the variety and prices is also not encouraging.

Officially support AliExpress is not recognized in support of sanctions against Russia and Crimea. To the claims of the Chinese are kept short that there was a “technical failure”. China, however, without loud political statements has actually joined the sanctions in the fall of 2014. Then the accounts of some Russian companies in banks in the PRC was blocked with the strange phrase “your company has some relation to Russia, we can no longer serve you”. A trade war with the United States was not a reason for easing restrictions. In the fall of 2018, this situation has become massive.