All are not appeased: Honor showed the smartphone measures the temperature of the

Все не унимаются: Honor показал смартфон измеряющий температуру

So we waited for the moment when smartphones begin to incorporate not only the cameras, lidars or audio processors, but even the means of temperature measurement. Why, remains a mystery, but the existence of this sensor in the phone already. Honor today introduced a new smartphone that can tell what temperature the object has. Maybe it’s just an attempt to somehow escape from the failure of the brand and to attract at least some new users. It is not excluded that this is a new word in technology and now even in Cupertino thought of it. Soon we will find out about it, but for now, you can see the fun from a technical point of view device.

Features Honor Play 4

Honor today introduced its new smartphone Honor Play 4 and Honor 4 Play Pro. Their characteristics is not the most important thing that they have, but let’s first list them and I’ll try to explain why this is unnecessary.

Normal version Honor Play 4 runs on the MediaTek Dimensity 800 (will soon have much more likely to use these processors because of the sanctions). The image is displayed on a FullHD screen with a diagonal of 6.71 inches.

The smartphone camera has four modules: 64 MP primary, 8 MP shirik, 2 MP macro and depth sensor. To combat overheating is the cooling system, and the autonomy meets the battery capacity of 4300 mAh with a 22.5-watt charging.

The Pro version comes with a thermal IR scanner or not, but the performance of both versions is the same. In the heart of the smartphone is a processor Kirin 990 and memory 8/128 GB.

The rest you can mark the screen with a diagonal of 6.81 inches, the camera 40 megapixels and 3x times optical zoom, battery capacity of 4300 mAh and a quick 40-watt charging.

The price of the versions varies from memory and is in rubles, from about 17 000 to 29 000. The difference between Pro-version with temperature sensor and without it is about 1 000. It’s not much, and if we buy, then we can pay, but whether users access such a function is the big question.

What is most important in phone

To say that the modern telephone is something that is more important than the rest, not very logical. The evolutionary process itself has led us to the fact that nothing is unimportant in smartphones is not. Moreover, all that has already evolved and reached a rather high level of development.

For example, fifteen years ago, camera phones were only to be. To it almost made no claims of requirements and availability have already talked about that with communication everything is fine. Even after the mass appearance of cameras no one said, “Ugh! Only one camera?”. People are just happy that it is.

The only thing now make demands and say that it is really need is innovation. They have to be, and manufacturers have to step out of their comfort zone and take risks, offering something really new. OLED screens – cool! Modules AI – super! Facial recognition – all great!

That’s just something we have with you is extremely rare. Fresh can be called, perhaps, only leaving the camera Yes foldable smartphones. First put on the altar of the struggle for 5G, and the second somehow didn’t happen yet. Cool idea, but the shot with her right manufacturers are unable. Or maybe just rushed and the technology is not ready yet.

Honor Play 4 Pro with temperature measurement

Today we saw the new Honor Play 4 Pro, but don’t you think that the use of the design of the temperature gauge looks a little weird? I mean, why of the many strange innovations, the Chinese have chosen this?

Let me rephrase the question. Are you ready to buy a new phone just because of the fact that there is a means to measure the temperature? And yet, how often you will use it? Especially when you consider that the measurement is possible only in the range from minus twenty to plus one hundred degrees. Sure to measure the temperature of the body is not going to work. That is, the error is very large. Although such a possibility at hand would be really useful.

Then what else can be measured with this sensor? For example, it would be possible to know the temperature of drinks or food. Maybe someone would use it, but it is so narrow, that about such cases we in the editorial they say: “When you were on top of the mountain and above you fly an eagle, then you really need”.

Where it would be useful to incorporate into the design of the phone rangefinder that will accurately indicate how much the distance to a particular object. Or the same lidar in the new iPad which is able to build 3D objects. It is really convenient and useful, though without a clear breakthrough.

The only thing that pleases in this smartphone is the fact that it has not forgotten a good iron and made a not very high price. This is a far greater breakthrough than a function, which is much less useful than, for example, the same flashlight. Without it, by the way, is really difficult.

Все не унимаются: Honor показал смартфон измеряющий температуру

Все не унимаются: Honor показал смартфон измеряющий температуру

Все не унимаются: Honor показал смартфон измеряющий температуру

Все не унимаются: Honor показал смартфон измеряющий температуру

Все не унимаются: Honor показал смартфон измеряющий температуру