All because of the Kremlin: counterintelligence Austria was isolated from the intelligence services of the EU

Все из-за Кремля: контрразведку Австрии изолировали от спецслужб ЕС

The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution and the fight against terrorism Austria (BVT) has been largely cut off from international exchange of information between intelligence services because of the relationship of the Austrian freedom party (FPÖ) with Russia. This is with reference to own sources reports and Der Standard.

According to the newspaper, Dutch and British service almost completely broke contact with Vienna.

Director of BVT Peter Gridling recently confirmed in court that his office no longer participates in the working groups of the Berne club is an informal body in which European agencies share information.

The fact that Austria did not immediately receive important information about their country, have been identified, for example, in the investigation of European visits of the suspect in a mass murder in new Zealand Christchurch.

Earlier it became known that the malefactor to commit the attack on the mosque, visited twenty countries-EU members, including Austria. However, four days after the attack, interior Ministry of Austria announced that he had “no evidence” of presence of terrorists in Austria.

The main cause of the “insulation” of the Austrian secret services, according to the sources, the contacts of the Austrian freedom party with Moscow

However, in comments to Der Standard, Gridling stated that BVT “is still part of the European Association of security” and “involved in the exchange of information”.