All Emets. From Zelensky prepare a new candidate for the position of head of the Ministry of health

Емец все. У Зеленского готовят нового кандидата на должность главы Минздрава

Ulyana Suprun can return to the post of Minister of health.

“Zelensky want to impose Suprun. Sarasate went to “attack” to promote Suprun. We insideri March 27. Members of Voices has registered a draft resolution on that at the next extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada to send the Minister of health Ilya Emtsa resign. In their statement, immediately read the message: “we demand to return Suprun, because she’s super professional”. Although this is a blatant lie” – write in the channel.

Further the message States that “Voice” needs to appoint to the post of Minister of health of independent, competent and professional person who understands the processes in the health system and will be able to take a quick anti-crisis solutions in the context of a pandemic that knows how to effectively implement the second stage of health reform, due to begin from 1 April.

It also reported that “Sarasate” accused Ilya Yemets in the failure of Ukraine’s preparation to the epidemic of the coronavirus. The Minister was appointed to his post only on March 4, following the logic he physically could not prepare for 24 days of the epidemic. Members of the Voices as usual are lying and hypocrisy, and the failure in the preparation it is necessary to hang on Suprun and Skaletsky, who did nothing, and only failed, write in the post.

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“Still “sorozat” have started an information attack on the Minister of health. According to the mesh of the media, they started to disperse the investigation that the family of the Minister of health found “questionable business”, although the whole investigation consists of speculation and guesswork, pure manipulative. Our source adds that Ilya Yemets was strongly opposed to medical reform, which should start on 1 April. For “sorozat” he’s enemy number one,” write in a Legitimate.

The channel under the tag Rumors have circulated the following information:

“Our source reports that “Sarasate” and other liberal Kiev party started to promote the message of the return of “professional” Uliana Suprun in MOZ! All because the Minister of health Ilya Yemets was almost on the verge of retirement. At this point in the OP, this issue is off the agenda, but then things can change and “Sarasate” know this information! By the way Zelensky against the return Suprun, but “sorozat” it doesn’t stop, because they think the President “spineless”, which impose information and the right candidate, and already the West lobby dodavit”.

A screenshot of the post telegram channel Legitimate

A screenshot of the post telegram channel is Legitimate.

Емец все. У Зеленского готовят нового кандидата на должность главы Минздрава

Емец все. У Зеленского готовят нового кандидата на должность главы Минздрава