All “euroshare” ready – authorities believe a separation into two categories

Всем "евробляхерам" приготовиться - власти думают ввести разделение на две категории

The Ministry of infrastructure intends to apply to eurobahn different rules of customs clearance.

In the discussion of the question was attended by the Minister of infrastructure Vladislav Crickley, head of the State customs service Maxim Nefedov, as well as MPs, representatives of State fiscal service and public organizations, reports the portal

The Ministry of infrastructure said that reviewed proposals received from public organizations on the clearance EuroBLECH. Infrastructure Minister spoke on this issue, recognizing that depreciation should stimulate the market, hence the need to develop transparent mechanisms of this process.

The Agency proposed to divide the vehicles into two categories with different rates of customs clearance. The first will include older vehicles that are already in the country. This category can obtain a single rate of customs clearance. The second group will include more than new cars, for them there is a special formula of customs clearance.

The head of the State customs service Maxim Nefedov supported the proposal. He said that his Department is already working to ensure that before the end of 2019 to run the calculator calculate payments.

We will remind, on Thursday, 12 September, Parliament introduced bill No. 2132, which proposes to amend the Tax code to create favourable conditions in the market.

Document from the authorship of two deputies from the group “For the future” Taras Batenko and Irina of Konstankevych and joined them “public Servants” Igor Vries should completely abolish the excise tax for import car and motorcycle into the territory of Ukraine, writes 24.

At the moment the excise tax applies to both used cars and brand-new tough, depends on the engine and engine size. For new cars, the excise duty is minimal, but the older “the carriage”, the payment amount is greater. For example, the car owner will have to pay 750 euros, or nearly 21 thousand UAH for 15-year-old wonder with an engine capacity of 1 liter running on gasoline.

But the diesel engine capacity of 2.2 liter is the same, the 2004 release, will cost 2 500 euros, that is a little less than 70 thousand UAH.

However, for new cars with the same parameters will be asked, accordingly, only 50 (1 381 UAH) and 188 (5 195 UAH) Euro.