All schools Pavlograd expect to close on quarantine

Все школы Павлограда планируют закрыть на карантин

Photo Sputnik Latvija

From January 31 to all schools Pavlograd being quarantined, so it hurts more than 20% of pupils. About it reports Department of education of Pavlohrad.

Already closed schools № 4, 6, 11 and educational complex No. 2.

From 24 to 30 January 2020 recorded nearly 1,000 cases of acute respiratory viral infections. Most of the patients are children.

“If the schools are closed, it does not mean that it is not necessary to go to the doctors. Do not self-medicate and do not assign themselves drugs, or not ask pharmacy pharmacists. This can lead to complications – bronchitis, pneumonia, and meningitis, to encephalitis. If you became ill or children, you need time to go to the doctors, with whom you made a Declaration,” – said the Director of the Center for primary health care Elena Dudnikova

Missed classes will need to continue to work to “catch up” curriculum.