All the Khan in the Crimea, the new disaster

Всем хана: в Крыму новая катастрофа

Adherents of the Kremlin supported the annexation of Crimea, spoke about a new catastrophe on the Peninsula

About the disaster, said the Director of the zoo Oleh Zubkov, who had previously supported the military aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

It is reported that the occupation authorities decided to build a zoo “the Safari” in the Crimea pit.

Zubkov, who previously was into the aggressive policy of the Kremlin, now terrified of the occupying troops.

“And animals, and plants, and tourists now Khan. Brilliant! Well done. Bravo. Vacationers in the Crimea will not go. In the absence of water, we no plow – no sow. Acids the Peninsula, we’ve already poisoned. Last Bastion – lions Park “Taigan”, where more tourists from all over Russia, Europe to go,” – he wrote.

Now instead of the Park in Belogorsk will be ordinary industrial area.

“Crimean authorities are obliged to clarify the situation. “Taigan” is not just lions Park, where the lives of several thousand rare animals and birds” – outraged Alexander Mountain, which is also the adept of the Kremlin and “criminalista”.

Всем хана: в Крыму новая катастрофа

Всем хана: в Крыму новая катастрофа