All the trading platforms of the energy sector is already operating in test mode since April – media

Все торговые платформы энергорынка уже работают в тестовом режиме с апреля - СМИ

In the electricity market have already committed the transaction in test mode, and the documents show that the new rules do not create monopolies and do not lead to higher prices as a result of trading. This is the conclusion reached by the authors of the publication on the website “Obozrevatel”. They have at their disposal internal reporting, which may forms the state enterprise “Energorynok”.

“The editorial staff has information about the content fresh report for may 28. And here are just a few eloquent facts, in the dust dispels the version of the unwillingness of the system and monopolize the electric market. Fact 1. As at the date referred to in the platform electricity market the day-ahead already registered 255 participants of which: producer 22, 33 of the 34 existing OSR (network company, a former regional power), 25 providers of universal services, NEC “Ukrenergo”, the supplier of last resort “Ukrinterenergo”, Guaranteed buyer and 163 other suppliers. 2. the fact that May 28 trading session, the test mode of the day-ahead market was attended by 116 companies registered on the platform, i.e. almost half. 3. the fact that The access to the trading platform, in addition to these participants received 250 producers of energy from renewable sources (most of these in the market, 320),” – noted journalists.

The authors recalled that at the start of the second phase of the energy reform from 1 July 2019, as provided by the law on electricity market, to replace the procurement of “Energy” which buys power from generating companies and delivers its power companies, will come the so-called wholesale market, when deals will be concluded on the exchanges.

“Fact 4. Test the work of the platform already allows to predict the price dynamics. Because now the volume of sales on the platform of the electricity market the day-ahead is 60% of the actual. Now, the current price on may 28 on this site 1859 amounted to UAH/MWh. For comparison: the forecast wholesale market price of the national Commission (the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities. “GORDON”) in the second half of 2019 is 1720 UAH/MW·h On two – or three-fold price increase in General, there is no question. Active trade goes on vnutricletocnam the market. On may 28, the price of the current here were at the level of 1891 UAH/MW·h, which is only 2% above the costs of the day-ahead market. Fact 5. Both producers and consumers are already willing to work under the new rules. In accordance with the report, available edition, on the market of bilateral contracts on the specified date filed 164 contract for 60 participants on the buying and selling 141 million kWh,” – said the publication.

Journalists reported that on may 28 on the test platforms were sold 360 million kW, which corresponds to the amount of real demand.

“Analysis reporting for the rest of the days showed that the level of prices shows a slight increase, up to 10% on working days and a significant drop to 50% in the holiday. All the trading platforms are actually functioning”, – writes the edition.

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From 1 January in Ukraine began to operate a retail electricity market. A full-scale launch of a new model of the wholesale market is scheduled for July 2019. The transition provided by the law “On electricity market”, adopted in 2017. It involves the introduction of a new competitive market model and the rules of the Third energy package of the EU, including in the share of companies in the areas of distribution and transmission of electricity.

13 may Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman confirmed that the market launch is planned within the period, and added that innovation should not lead to higher electricity prices for the population.