Alla kostromicheva gone from the set of “Top model of Ukrainian”: known cause

Famous Ukrainian model Alla Kostromicheva annually agrees to be the star judge of the show “Top model in Ukrainian.” However, recently the patience of the models is over and it’s right in the middle of the film-making process left the pavilion.

As the representatives of the New channel Alla kostromicheva organized for beauties unusual style advertising campaign Not Dressing Men. By design, the girls tried on Trouser men’s suits on a naked body and posed next to naked men.

“The emancipation freed the hands of women is not only the right to vote, but in the fashion aspect. If before the girls had to wear corsets and skirts, now can afford everything. And the photo shoot, we invited the participants to imagine a world in which men and women reversed. Girls dressed in men’s suits, was to demonstrate self-confidence. To work in a pair with a naked man. I wanted to get provocative photo, not vulgar, but it is provocative, on which the model is to show confidence,” explained the idea Alla Kostromicheva.

However interesting the idea of participating in “Top model in Ukrainian” is not supported. Girls whose work Alla Kostromicheva repeatedly was not happy, failed shooting: someone very shy partner, and others were even aggression. And expert show did not survive, when after a terrible work heard the carefree laughter of models. The patience of Alla Kostromicheva broke and she suddenly left the set.

It must be a challenge with great meaning! And work girls I perceive as disrespect. After all, give them all that I have: strength, energy. Spend more time with them than with my son. And after all these weeks of workshops, everything I gave them, they show such work. I apologize to the entire project team, but to tolerate it just can’t
– said Alla Kostromicheva.

Already in the edition of the show, which will be held on November 15, the audience sees what really happened on the set and Alla Kostromicheva back to “Top model po-Ukrainski”.

Top model in Ukrainian
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