Alla Pugacheva falls on level ground. Gonna fail feet?

Алла Пугачева падает на ровном месте. Скоро откажут ноги?

The festival in Jurmala could be the end for the singer’s serious injuries, if not for Galkin.

In social networks actively discussing the latest output of Alla to the public, which, as noted by many, has given the artist a hard time. Close the music festival “lime. Rendezvous. Jurmala” seem to have become divas real hell. Journalists literally had to harass the singer and her husband, persuading star family pose for a photo. In the Internet appeared the video, which is simply shocking – Pugacheva was staggered, and almost at every step almost fall. The footage noticeably as he holds the power wife by the hand, and, if not for the support of her husband, the singer simply would have collapsed to the ground, not once.

It is noteworthy that in the standing Diva was shaking and throwing parties even more. One of the frames, where Pugachev, posing for the paparazzi next to Galkin and wernick, most clearly demonstrates the serious problems of the performer. Several times the singer almost collapsed in front of an audience – at first it kept wernick, firmly grabbing his shoulder, and after a time, Maxim was picked up by the arm. Posing with her husband, Donna also barely stayed on my feet, so Galkin simply could not take hands off the wife.

If the earlier problem with the feet Pugacheva was not so noticeable, but today she literally falls out of the blue. Previously, many media reported that the singer can be problems with blood vessels, because of what she experiences severe pain when walking. Circulation issues, the singer could only get worse with age.

Is Pugacheva’s gonna fail feet? This outcome is quite possible. Recent footage confirms that the problem of the singer progresses. Now, the artist is not only hard to walk but not able to keep your body at rest. Without the support of her husband, she now can not do.

Алла Пугачева падает на ровном месте. Скоро откажут ноги?

Алла Пугачева падает на ровном месте. Скоро откажут ноги?