Alla Pugacheva showed youth the way and model the walk

Алла Пугачева продемонстрировала молодежный образ и модельную походку

When Russia imposed a regime of isolation, Maxim Galkin did not risk the health of elderly spouses and practically put her under house arrest.

To Alla accidentally picked up a dangerous infection, comedian completely eliminated its interaction with people of the street and even for some time did not let her out of the castle into the courtyard.

But now the street is in summer warm weather, and Alla decided to get some fresh air.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin For a walk in the Park surrounding the castle, she wore white sneakers, skinny blue jeans, a denim jacket and black sweater. To somehow fun, Diva has decided to arrange a fashion show, and began to walk in front of the camera, posing as a model on the catwalk. The singer smiled sweetly, shooting her husband and sending him air kisses.

To fans it was more interesting to watch a movie with a prima Donna Maxim Galkin has imposed on it the song Pretty woman from the movie “Pretty woman.”

Fans and celebrity friends of the singer, after watching the video, filled up with Alla Borisovna compliments. Indeed, for his seventy with a ponytail, the actress looks great.

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