Alleged motorcycle design BMW M Performance (PHOTO)

Предположительный дизайн мотоцикла BMW M Performance (ФОТО)

Division BMW M Performance making dreams come true for fans of fast cars over the last fifty years. In the motorcycle world, the German manufacturer has tried to create a similar effect with a line of HP, but all ended in disappointment. The bike was good, of course.

Marking HP means “High Performance”, but that was clearly not enough to convince potential buyers to pay 95 000 dollars!

Now, the Bavarian manufacturer is making a second attempt. This time the car completely repeat the experience and start line M-series.

In September 2019 BMW has registered three trademarks M-series in Europe, that means a complete revision of the most powerful BMW motorcycles. Was model: M1000RR, M1300GS, M1000XR, respectively, more productive version of the S1000RR, R1250GS, S1000XR.

German magazine Motorrad has ordered a render of the alleged design of the BMW M1300GS. Designer Kar Lee implemented the idea. It offers a more aggressive headlight, single seat, Akrapovic exhaust, the colors of BMW M.