Allow the arterial pressure to normal will help plain yogurt

Привести артериальное давление в норму поможет обычный йогурт

British scientists have discovered an unexpected for all properties of yogurt. Potassium, which contains natural drink that helps to remove the body of excess salt, which prevents normal functioning.

Dieticians from the UK after a number of studies have proved that yogurt not only has a positive effect on the digestive system of the body, but also helps normalize blood pressure. They were able to experimentally establish that a natural product rich in potassium, namely, it displays the body of excess salt.

We will remind that earlier the researchers already talked about the fact that it is the overabundance of salt in the body leads to increased blood pressure. It is established that a daily intake of this delicious and healthy drink can positively affect a figure people lose weight. In order to achieve positive results, you should consume dairy products at least five times a week.

We know that the staff of the University of California in San Francisco found an unexpected effect from daily aspirin. The study showed that regular consumption of this drug increases by 78% survival rate of patients suffering from malignant tumors.