“Allowed to participate, avoid the bitch.”: Potap recorded the controversial video about Eurovision

"Допустили к участию, не допускайте суч*сти": Потап записал скандальное видео о Евровидении

Ukrainian singer Potap spoke sharply about refusal of participation of Ukrainian singer MARUV in the Eurovision song contest-2019. He wrote in his Instagram video where he said that the Eurovision song contest for him died after the case MARUV, and accused that if they allowed the artist to the competition, “there was no need to allow bi*STI”.

In the video he put two hashtags MARUV the Eurovision song contest, expressing his opinion about the recent situation with the refusal of signing the contract between the National public broadcasting company of Ukraine and MARUV.

“When this country is already over the circus?”, “Allowed to participate, nor allow a bitch.”, “I’m Sorry, I’m rude, people are not so stupid,” “Elections have always been an interesting topic, but why so with the artist , you, dipshit”, “Now and the Eurovision song contest have died and the Eurovision song contest died for me” – these and many other phrases he voiced in the video, which has already managed to gain almost 70 views in less than a day.

Why is there a scandal around the participation MARUV Eurovision-2019 from Ukraine?The results of the vote in the final national selection for Eurovision-2019 singer MARUV won. From the audience and judges, the flamboyant artist received 11 points and was to represent Ukraine at the international show.

But after criticism about her performances in Russia and the ambiguous position concerning the war in the East of Ukraine, a NOTE that needs to sign the last agreement with the representatives of Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest, decided not to sign the agreement with MARUV. Therefore, the network has managed to create an electronic petition in support of the singer, and the situation has already expressed its opinion as representatives of the Public broadcaster and the singer MARUV.

On the appointment of a new representative of Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest in Israel will be known today, 26 February. According to a member of the Board UA: Public broadcasting Alexandra Kol’tsova, to participate in the contest can choose any of the finalists of the National selection.