Ally Poroshenko was in a terrible accident: “the car rolled over several times”

Соратник Порошенко попал в жуткое ДТП: «машина несколько раз перевернулась»

MP from the faction of “European solidarity” crashed in an accident

He was traveling from Kiev to the family for the weekend in Lviv oblast.

Ally Petro Poroshenko, the Deputy-a mazhoritarshchik from party of “EU” Mikhail Bondar was involved in a road traffic accident that occurred in the Zhytomyr region. The Deputy used the services of “Blah blah blah car”, writes Censor.

In the car, whose driver agreed to drive the MP, was also the wife of the driver and another passenger.

Cooper noted that he and the second passenger during the trip I fell asleep. And the fact of the accident is not seen.

“How the accident occurred, I have not seen. The day before I was up late and voted – I, respectively, fell asleep. And I, the passenger, who was another one, also fell asleep. I winced at the blow. The car flipped several times. You pulled all. All alive,”- told the details of the accident Cooper.

He was taken to Korostyshevsky Central regional hospital. At Bondar, presumably, broken ribs.

The MP believes that all survived, as they were wearing seat belts.

A preliminary version of the accident – the car burst tire. The details of the accident will understand the police.

As we wrote earlier, in the British capital London with the former head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva was an accident. She was hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing.

The accident Gontareva received fractures of varying severity, her life is not threatened. The former head of the NBU was hospitalized in a London hospital.

We also reported that the accident happened in Poland. Tourist bus got in an accident in broad daylight – it is already known that the cause of the accident was that one of the drivers went to risky overtaking. As a result, the bus was thrown to the side, and he rolled over. The bus collided in the opposite lane with two cars, flew off the road into a ditch and overturned.

In the accident suffered fifteen. People with serious injuries were taken to hospital by helicopter sanaviatsii. The place was chaotic, the doctors barely managed to panic the victims. Some, experts say, serious injuries.

“On this track, where it happened, a lot of cars passes, including buses on tourist routes,” – said the local operatives.

Соратник Порошенко попал в жуткое ДТП: «машина несколько раз перевернулась»

Соратник Порошенко попал в жуткое ДТП: «машина несколько раз перевернулась»