Almost 80% of the negativity in the media about the candidates against Poroshenko

Почти 80% негатива в СМИ о кандидатах - против Порошенко

77.7% of the negative content of the media on presidential candidates Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Zelensky was against Poroshenko and 22.3% against Zelensky. These are the results of the study “Who wets candidates” conducted by the Institute of mass information.

THEY conducted monitoring of publications 20 online publications for the period from 1st to 5 April, to determine what the media write about the presidential candidates with a negative connotation.

4,35% of the total body of texts, which mentioned Zelensky and Poroshenko, contained a negative tone, the signs of black PR or contritely.

In the sample were 6918 texts. Of these, 301 text had a negative tone, that is 4,35% of the total. This included also the fakes and the materials with signs of black PR.

“More news with negative tone was directed against Petro Poroshenko of 77.7% (234 of text), when against Vladimir Zelensky and 22.3% (67 texts),” – said in the message.

In THEY noted that in addition to the number, the nature of such news is also different: against Zelensky were mainly the reasoning of why this candidate is incompetent, but against Poroshenko distributed outright fakes.

According to the study, negative against Poroshenko concentrated on:, and Strenia. Against Zelensky most texts with a negative tone were found on sites and Browser.