“Almost in tears!”: Topuria has denied all the rumors that she has a connection with the Body

«Чуть не расплакалась!»: Топурия опровергла все слухи о том, что у нее есть связь с Гуфом

After a series of rumors about the resumption of their relationship, Katie Topuria has officially stated that with Dolmatova her nothing else in common and not bind in the future.

Now the Internet rumor that rapper Guf and Keti Topuria spend a lot of time together trying to reconnect. They split after Katie found out that during their previous relationship, Alexis had a mistress on the side. And he kept a mistress named Yana Shevtsova throughout the year, until Shevtsova is not tired and she decided to go public with his relationship with popular hip-hop artist. According to Shevtsova, she was even pregnant from Gufa. Reasons Dolmatov contacted the girl on the side, which was his Junior by 21 years, and being in a serious relationship with a Topuria, known only to the musician.

Just yesterday the Internet was reported that Katie and Alex again spend a lot of time together and renew relationships. But in an interview with TV channel “UTV” Topuria has made it clear that their relationship with the Body remains only rumors on the Internet and all that talking about her is not true. With your followers on Instagram during the live broadcast she talked about the relationship with Dolmatova, the girl almost in tears from the hurtful memories that she received during the relationship with the rapper. Then she asked more about it do not recall.

Video interview in the Telegram-channel “Just anyone”.

Of course, we cannot deny the possibility that they can come together. But insulting the memory of the breakup and the situation with Yana Shevtsova will forever remain in my thoughts Topuria. Moreover, such a high-profile event will not leave without attention and the very controversial Shevtsova, who is now trying to get popular by all means. Therefore, careful Katy can hardly bring himself to renew the ex’s feelings.