Almost no strength left to fight: human rights activists asked to write letters to the prisoner of the Kremlin Baluku

Почти не осталось сил бороться: правозащитники просят писать письма пленнику Кремля Балуху

The prisoner is actually desperate in jail. The Russian colony in the Tver region treated with harshness and prejudice.

On trumped up charges of Baluja many times I was sent to a punishment cell. Now it’s back again. Prisoner of the Kremlin locked in a punishment cell for 15 days. This was informed in “the Crimean human rights group.”

Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Baluch, being in difficult conditions of the Russian colonies fighting for freedom, human dignity and the Ukraine, but he has almost no strength to fight for his life,

– write the human rights defenders.

They emphasize: he really needs the support of the Ukrainian people and the international community.

All concerned are asked to write the prisoner of the Kremlin.

To send a letter to Balaju through the Russian system “FSIN-pismo”, for this you need to follow the link. In the “Select region” should be noted “Tver oblast”, in the “Select institution” to indicate “IR-4 Torzhok”.

Letters should be sent in the name of Baluja Vladimir G., born in 1971. Be sure to include the email function, which allows you to send feedback. To Ukrainians received the letter, they are recommended to write in the Russian language and avoid sentences and phrases, which the Russian government can be interpreted as “extremist”.

Who is Mr Baluch and for that he was sentenced in Russia?

Mr Baluch Crimean farmer, Ukrainian community activist. After the annexation of Crimea by Russia have refused Russian citizenship.

In the winter of 2013 he posted the Ukrainian flag at his home, and later attached to the house sign “Street of the Heavenly Hundred heroes”.

At the end of 2016 Baluchi was detained by employees of FSB of Russia. They seem to be found in the attic of his house ammunition and TNT blocks. Controlled by Russia, a court in Crimea has sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment.

Baloch pleaded not guilty and, in protest, have repeatedly gone on hunger strike. Human rights activists claim that he was the victim of reprisals because of his Pro-Ukrainian position.


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