“Alvarez will be easier”: Derevyanchenko made a surprise announcement about the next fight

"С Альваресом будет легче": Деревянченко сделал неожиданное заявление о следующем бое

"С Альваресом будет легче": Деревянченко сделал неожиданное заявление о следующем бое

Ukrainian boxer Sergey Derevyanchenko is convinced that the fight against Soulja Alvarez will be easier for him than Carmella Charlo. Sergey is a contender for fight with Alvarez and the Charlo.

Sergey Derevyanchenko in the comments boxinginsider expressed the belief that it would be easier to fight against Alvarez than against Charlo.

Alvarez is the leader of P4P (a rating of the best boxers the world regardless of weight class). He appears in 5 different weight classes, which became the champion of the world. The holder of the title “regular” WBA champion.

Charlo – a former world champion in the 1-m average weight and the current holder of the WBC title in the Middleweight division. The undefeated boxer has won 30 fights.

34-year-old Derevyanchenko said that the fight with Alvarez will be easier for him, because Soulja a similar technique.

I think Canelo would be easier to fight than with Charlo. It’s because Alvarez is almost the same style as me,
said Derevyanchenko.

Who will meet Derevyanchenko

  • According to ESPN Deportes, the team Alvarez calls Derevyanchenko priority option for the next fight.
  • At the same time, Ronnie shields, Charlo trainer called Sergei the main contender to fight with his team.
  • According to The Atletic, Sergei bout with Charlo will take place in September or October. The parties are in the final stages of negotiations.
  • The Ukrainian trainer Andre Rozier confirmed that Sergey made a choice in favor of the world champion under version WBC Charlo.
  • ESPN journalists have already calculated that Derevyanchenko can get for the fight against Charlo $ 2.5 million.
  • The publication suggests that the fight against Alvarez the fee of the Ukrainian can make twice as much.

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