Amateur official of the Zaporozhye registration machines in Melitopol ACP failed

Самодеятельность чиновника из Запорожья с регистрацией машины в мелитопольском админцентре провалилась

From September Melitopol center of providing administrative services to significantly make life easier for the vehicle owner. Of tspau began to provide service on registration of agricultural machinery and the driver’s licence of a tractor-driver.

Previously, the paperwork for this population was problematic because they had to travel to Zaporozhye. Now these issues can be resolved in Melitopol.

Documents acceptance and issue of registration of tspau on this issue conducted by the specialists of the Main Department of Gospodarevskaya. Previously, they came every second Tuesday of the month in Melitopol and worked 10 to 15 hours in the center of providing administrative services. Now the day of the reception was Thursday.

However, one of the officials of Gospodaresti today decided to show initiative. And he did it on the utilities. The representatives of Purity, learning about new service, have also decided to use it to register two podmetali-harvesting machines. All the necessary documents, as it should be passed the service paid for and waited for issuance of the registration documents. But what was their surprise when today officer, who came from Zaporozhye, informed them that the documents are ready, but take them to be public utilities in Kyiv. And he only gives advice. There’s your reform, I thought the utility.

What has changed in the course of providing new services journalist RIA-Melitopol decided to ask the chief of tspau Natalia Alyokhina. Natalya Petrovna said that the process of issuing documents in Melitopol is well a few people are already registered, without having to travel to Zaporozhye. Checked the head of tspau and the application of the CP Purity. It turned out that the official admitted the initiative and have already prepared the documents promised to pass to Melitopol in the coming days. So that room with the Amateur did not.