Amazon is building a lab to test employees for COVID-19

Amazon строит лабораторию для тестирования сотрудников на COVID-19

Amazon has started the construction of the laboratory, which will test employees for the presence of virus Covid-19 – the last step is making an online retailer, trying to protect its warehouse staff and couriers, delivering the necessary products for the clients home.

Amazon recognizes that its emergency measures may not yield great results during the current pandemic. However, capmany instructed the team of scientists, engineers and procurement specialists to create the lab, which will allow it “to begin testing a small number of our employees in the foreground“. Tests little, which did not allow officials of public health to assess the large scale outbreak in the United States.

We have started work to develop additional opportunities for testing“- said on Thursday, Amazon in his blog. “Team Amazon with a variety of skills, from research scientists and program managers to procurement officers and engineers – have moved from their normal daily work to special th mode on this initiative“.

Amazon says not sure how many tests will be made, and the company is willing to share their results with others. The company said it takes this step because tests for the virus are not available to adequately protect the population.

In the US diagnostic testing of the novel coronavirus has become a serious logistical problem, because of which it is impossible to track how the virus actually spread and how many people are actually sick. Testing will become even more important as States are trying to abolish the restrictive rules, which closed businesses and kept people in their homes. According to the public health, when the activity resumes, it will require extensive testing to avoid re-emergence of the virus.

Creating a test lab, which requires governmental permits, usually takes a “very long time”, but the urgency in respect of the coronavirus have helped to reduce the part of the bureaucracy, says Kara Lynch, Professor of laboratory medicine at the University of California in San Francisco. For example, scientists from the University of California at Berkeley was able to create the robotic laboratory for testing Covid-19, working with state and local health officials.

It looks like they only plan to test their employees, so maybe they can check it out, “said Lynch.

The production of new and better test cases increased, but in this way there are new obstacles. Stocks such as swabs for collecting samples and chemicals for their processing end. Laboratories that have no equipment or capacity to conduct sufficient tests kolichestva have to send them a large commercial company, which, in turn, faced with the logistical problems that slow down the results in two weeks.

Amazon remained open during a pandemic and announced plans to hire 100 thousand employees to meet a growing demand – as its online orders allow people to obtain basic necessities from the comfort of home.

Regular tests on a global scale in all sectors will help people to provide security and rebuild the economy, “said the company. “But for this to work, we as a society would require much more testing than is available at present. Unfortunately, today we live in a world of scarcity, where the testing Covid-19 is very limited“.

The source: The Verge, Bloomberg.