Amazon is developing a device that will monitor the mood of the user

Amazon разрабатывает устройство, которое будет следить за настроением пользователя

Amazon is working to create “smart” device that could detect the emotions of the owner. The project is called Dylan, but while the company has not officially commented on the development and everything remains at the level of rumors.

Who is in charge? As Bloomberg reports, the project working group Lab126, which developed Amazon Fire tablet and smart column Amazon Echo. However, works on the development team that created a voice assistant Alexa.

What is known about the gadget? The device will work in conjunction with a mobile app. The device is equipped with microphones and special software that can recognize the emotional state of the speaker’s voice.

When waiting for a new device? It is not known how far advanced the development and when the device will be on sale. According to preliminary data, the company is currently beta testing. But the company has refused to comment.

Similar developments Amazon. Note, in 2018, Amazon patented a new version of the Alexa. The assistant analyzes the human voice and determines how the user feels. The system can determine the emotion and physical condition of the person.

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