Amazon is preparing to use unmanned trucks to deliver cargo

Amazon готовится к использованию беспилотных грузовиков для доставки грузов

A shortage of drivers create difficulties in transport, partly because of low pay and complex graphics. The lack of available workers and trucks is a big problem for a giant like Amazon, whose customers expect delivery in a relatively short time.

Twenty-fifth day of January, a Reddit user posted a photo of controlled truck, pulling on the rope for a trailer with the logo of Amazon Prime without the driver, suspecting Amazon to use unmanned trucks. Almost a week later, American TV channel CNBC reported that Amazon is indeed using the vehicle created by the company for the production of self-propelled trucks Embark, to transport goods and the truck accidentally spotted last week, maybe one of these machines.

The TV station did not disclose its sources, and therefore it is not clear whether these are based the approval solely on the picture of the portal Reddit or some insider information. Representatives Embark and Amazon has gone from a question about the deal between the two companies, though, and did not deny it.

“Embark transports goods for a number of large companies on the route I-10, but we can’t talk about any company specifically because of our relationship with each company strictly confidential,” said the Director-General to Embark Alex Rodriguez (Alex Rodrigues).