Amazon plans to launch a cloud gaming service with their own games

Amazon планирует запустить облачный игровой сервис с собственными играми

The New York Times reported that Amazon plans to launch a cloud gaming service. It is expected that the project, named Project Tempo will be launched in may. It integrates with popular platform game streaming, Twitch.

This project is one of the biggest investments in Amazon’s own proposals in the field of entertainment. Within a few months of its implementation have been spent hundreds of millions of dollars.

The service will have to compete with Google Stadia, Microsoft Project xCloud, Nvidia GeForce NOW and countless other gaming streaming platforms. One of the advantages, which may rely on Amazon, is a vast network of data centers in Amazon Web Services composition. She will play an important role in ensuring minimum delays required for the optimal operation of the service. Another factor that can determine its success will be its own game category AAA, which is going to release Amazon. The first game will be sci-Fi shooter Crucible, a scene from which is shown as an illustration.