Ambassador Taylor has summed up the results of work in Ukraine

Посол Тейлор подвел итоги работы в Украине

Charge d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor, who in the coming days will leave the American Embassy in Kiev, summed up the results of their work post.

“Many of you already know, that already soon I will leave from Kiev. When I arrived here in June, I knew that my stay would be limited in time. And this time, it was wonderful and extraordinary,” – said the head of the American Embassy in a video which was published on Tuesday, December 31.

Among the main events that fell to his cadence, the Ambassador noted that the election of the Verkhovna Rada of the ninth convocation and the formation of the Higher anti-corruption court and reminded about the need to continue Ukraine’s reforms and fight against corruption.

“There were opportunities for many of the reforms that were in limbo and waiting to promote this very active Parliament,” – said Taylor.

Special attention he paid to step up negotiations with Russia on the settlement of the armed conflict in the Donbass and the liberation of the Ukrainian prisoners of the Kremlin.

Taylor assured that the United States “powerful support” to Ukraine, and this support from the White house, Congress, the Republican and Democratic parties will continue.

“The high-ranking guests visited and continue to visit Ukraine. The United States has demonstrated strong support of Ukraine. One of the latest manifestations of that support sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”, – said the diplomat.

“This support is bipartisan, it is all of Congress. And this is an opportunity to move forward in relations between the US and Ukraine. I’m very optimistic about Ukraine”, – assured the Ambassador.

Taylor also said that after his return to Washington, the Embassy will be headed by Christine Quinn, who is now the assistant head of the American diplomatic mission in Ukraine.

“It was a wonderful time for me,” concluded the diplomat.

In his address he finished, saying in Ukrainian: “Duzhe dyakuyu! To pobachennya!”.