“Ambitious goals” in the Ministry shared plans to increase pensions in 2021

"Амбициозные задачи": в Минсоцполитики поделились планами повышения пенсий в 2021 году

The relevant Minister spoke about the ambitious goals of the authority.

The Minister of social policy Marina Lazebnaya shared the plans on increase of pensions in Ukraine in 2021.

She told about it on air of TV channel “Ukraine is 24”.

“Next year we set ourselves ambitious goals to the Pension Fund, the state budget allowed us to create programs of increase of pensions. Such a program in 2021 will be the next. If raised the minimum wage, at us in January, for example, the minimum pension payment for people who are 60-65 years, men 35 years and women 30 – will be 2400 UAH. If the minimum wage will be increased from July, these settings will be 2600 UAH”, – said Lazebnaya.

The Minister also said that in March, must undergo a regular indexation of pensions.

“And most importantly – the Ministry of Finance calculations are to improve the subsistence level,” she added.

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