AMC has revealed collusion in the tender for the reconstruction of the bridge shuliavska

АМКУ выявил сговор в тендере на реконструкцию Шулявского моста

The company “Severo-the Ukrainian construction Alliance”, won the tender for the reconstruction of the interchange at the intersection of Victory Avenue to the street Vadym Hetman (shuliavska bridge) in Kiev, according to the conclusions of the Antimonopoly Committee, acting in collusion with another company. It is reported with reference to the official report of the AMC.

It is reported that the organizer of the auction was made by Metropolitan komunalajiem “Directorate of construction of road facilities”.

“During the investigation, conducted by the Kyiv regional territorial office had gathered evidence that the company “Severo-the Ukrainian construction Alliance” and “Spetsstroy-Plus” (both are part of the Corporation “ukrbud”) acted in collusion”, – is spoken in AMKU message.

It is also reported that in addition to the forged documents one of figurative investigation, the Committee found that the said company performed work for the same contractors that are members of the same Corporation; located at the same address; – share a means of communication; – have common employees; – use the same IP address for tax reporting and for entry into the electronic cabinets of the system “Client-Bank”; – provided financial support to each other and the like.

“Based on evidence, June 19, 2019 Interim adminarea the AMC imposed a fine on LLC “Severo-Ukrainian Alliance building” and OOO “Spetsstroy-Plus” for committing anticompetitive concerted actions concerning distortion of resultativity in the amount of 112 million UAH (in UAH 56 million to each of the companies)”, – reported in AMKU.

Recall that in may, the Committee has already fined the same company for another deal on the auction for the construction of the housing Nationallinguistic of cardiovascular surgery them. Amosova and reconstruction of the school. Boychenko. Then the fine was around 150 million.

As reported by the reconstruction of the bridge began on March 17. According to experts, the reconstruction of the entire interchange will last approximately 17 months, and travel on the new bridge will open by the end of this year.