AMD “borrowed” the innovative NVIDIA: details

AMD "позаимствовала" инновационную технологию NVIDIA: детали

In the network appeared information that the company AMD is preparing to introduce a line of graphics cards, which will get one of the key features of RTX-line from NVIDIA. Despite the fact that the most discussed feature of the 20 series was the introduction of ray tracing, graphics accelerators based on the architecture of Turing’s have another advantage – Variable Rate Shading.

As reported 4PDA, Variable Rate Shading allows to save resources of the GPU and was a trump “green”, but competitors apparently didn’t waste any time.

According to journalists, AMD in 2017, has filed a patent on a method similar to the functionality of the Variable Rate Shading. VRS allows the GPU to split the image into blocks and select which of them require detailed study and which do not.

The presentation of the technology Variable Rate Shading – see video

Because games are a huge part of elements does not change from stage to stage, this opportunity, in theory, can significantly improve performance.

Technology will probably be applied for cards on the basis of the Navi – the ones who can provide this year. They will also be used in the new generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony, but because experts believe that gamers will face a significant jump in productivity.

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