AMD has released the Radeon driver 20.7.1 support Disintegration and a new tool to report errors

AMD выпустила драйвер Radeon 20.7.1 с поддержкой Disintegration и новым инструментом отчета об ошибках

AMD has introduced the first of July is the driver for its video cards Radeon Software Edition Adrenalin 2020 20.7.1. First of all, it brings support for unusual and seems to be disastrous Disintegration of the shooter from one of the creators of the Halo universe Marcus Summer (Marcus Lehto).

The second innovation – the emergence of a special tool AMD Bug Report Tool. According to the company, this is a new and easy way to report issues directly to AMD: you just need to fill out a form and send the report. The tool will automatically collect information about your system, giving the development team the driver the necessary information to identify and resolve problems in future releases of the software.

Unfortunately, the users hoped for the emergence of full-fledged support of hardware acceleration of the GPU scheduler in Windows 10, 2004, will be disappointed – it will have to continue to use the special beta driver Radeon Software Edition Adrenalin 2020 20.5.1.

In addition, the company corrected a whole heap of problems and errors:

  • some games have experienced hesitation when the function of Instant Replay in accelerators Radeon RX 5000;
  • series Radeon and Radeon RX Vega VII was faced with a drop in performance if the game were derived performance metrics in the overlay mode;
  • instead of a preview of the current broadcast display error message when switching between tabs in Radeon Software;
  • custom settings of the fan and the frequency was reset to default values when change is applied on the tab Radeon Performance Tuning;
  • user profile was not loaded or was used incorrectly after some downloads the system;
  • the screen resolution has not increased as much as possible, if Counter-Strike: Global Offensive enabled the zoom function of the screen;
  • on the compatibility tab games in Radeon Software display incorrect information about the graphic processor;
  • when you click on the compatibility tab of the game appeared an error message “sorry, something went wrong”;
  • Valorant was defined as League of Legends on the games tab Radeon Software;
  • TDR in Microsoft Teams when sharing the screen in some configurations with the APU;
  • a system crash or hang in Saints Row: The Third Remastered, when you change the display mode;
  • the drop in the frequency of Dota 2 on Radeon Chill mode and when idle the system for a short period of time;
  • challenge mode overlay Radeon causes hesitation when playing content from Netflix in Windows Store;
  • crashing in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided or hang while loading some railway stations;
  • the fan speed displayed is equal to zero when GPU-Z worked together with a 3D application.
  • messages for some functions like Instant Replay, Instant Replay GIF and Radeon does not render correctly when Desktop is off the Record;
  • installer Radeon Software did not issue an error message when the user tried to install unsupported hardware;
  • of system hangs or startup when upgrading from previous versions Radeon Software on a PC with AMD Ryzen 3 2200U and graphics Radeon Vega 3;
  • artifacts in Doom Eternal in accelerators Radeon RX 5600;
  • hanging the system on Doom Eternal when you enable HDR and blend mode interface.
  • artifacts with hardware acceleration of VP9 video in Chrome and the display via DisplayPort;
  • artifacts of grass or water in Final Fantasy XV after an extended periods of the game;
  • a profile for League of Legends are not created in the play tab;
  • blend modes Radeon not display or were truncated when you output a 4K display when the game was running at 1080p;
  • after using mediafilter DirectML in Radeon Software graphics memory display data in the section performance or have reported that is still in use;
  • work Radeon Image Sharpening resulted in a blurring of colors when HDR is enabled.

AMD continues to work on correcting known issues with the Radeon Software, the Oculus Rift, work improved synchronization, blend mode, Radeon, HDR, playback YouTube in Edge and Chrome.

Radeon driver Software Adrenalin 2020 20.7.1 Edition can be downloaded in versions for 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 10 as from the official AMD website, and from the settings menu Radeon. It is dated 9 July, is designed for graphics cards and integrated graphics family Radeon HD 7000 and above.

AMD выпустила драйвер Radeon 20.7.1 с поддержкой Disintegration и новым инструментом отчета об ошибках

AMD выпустила драйвер Radeon 20.7.1 с поддержкой Disintegration и новым инструментом отчета об ошибках

AMD выпустила драйвер Radeon 20.7.1 с поддержкой Disintegration и новым инструментом отчета об ошибках