America is waiting for a massacre of blacks and the civil war

Америку ждет резня чернокожих и гражданская война

Racism in the United States is an unsolvable problem. More precisely, after America put the black on welfare and allowed them to live for decades in the ghetto on welfare, this problem is unsolvable and it sooner or later will end up a lot of massacre and civil war.

The process will develop along the following lines.

Now the police are afraid to even approach a black man, not that to detain them. It is a natural reaction of the police after what they had heard in the address and after crazy power America fell to his knees and started crying recidiviste-addict

As a result, blacks will be insufferable and statistics of their crimes starts threatening to grow. Is the shaft of the crimes. The police will not respond to the principle and right will do.

After 8 – 10 years in the society will grow great irritation and even hatred against black people.

Next, you will need only a spark and.. rushed. All vozmutsja for weapons.

Now it was only the beginning. Berries will in 10 years.

It is so obvious.