American boxer on a stretcher carried out of the ring before the fight Mustache with Witherspoon: photo

Американского боксера на носилках вынесли с ринга перед боем Усика с Уизерспуном: фото

American boxer Patrick day was sent into a deep knockout in a fight against Charles Conwell. Both fighters played their match before the fight Alexander Usik vs Cassa Witherspoon.

It was a battle for the title of champion under the version of the USBA in Junior Middleweight (to 69,9 kg). The fight was to last 12 rounds, but ended with an early victory Conwell in the tenth round knockout. In the fourth and eighth rounds, day was knocked down, but continued to fight.

Round 10 Conwell sent the opponent in a deep knockout. Day failed to rise after him, and the judge didn’t even count down, immediately causing the medics to the ring. They took him in an unconscious state.

Already in the hospital, where Dejah was taken, he underwent brain surgery. Before he couldn’t breathe on his own, and was in a coma. But it is not known, physicians it was introduced into this state, or that the consequences of a Boxing match.