American company collapses in the Carpathian production

Американская компания сворачивает на Прикарпатье производство

One of the largest investors in Ivano-Frankivsk, the American company Tyco Electronics closes plant in the capital of the Carpathian region, writes “Reporter”.

According to the publication, 800 workers have warned about the gradual dismissal. Currently, the city is looking for a new investor.

“Taiko” was included in Ivano-Frankivsk in 2006. The company began construction of a plant on 15 hectares in the area Hryplynska in the industrial site. In the construction of the first production module, the company invested €5 million it all Started with 150 square meters of production space and 70 jobs.

First production was launched in 2008. “Taiko” began manufacturing connectors for airbags in cars and cables for BMW, Opel, Mercedes, Skoda, Fiat. Products exported to the countries of Western Europe.

In 2017 there launched additional production module – the number of employees by the fall exceeded 1 thousand persons. In 2018, the plant planned expansion of production capacity and further to gain another 100 people.

According to the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsinkiv, the plant annually paid to the city budget of about 10 million UAH of the tax.

However, last year the company started the interruptions in work. As reports the edition with reference to own sources, because of the ban of diesel engines in Europe, the number of orders sharply decreased. Europeans are not in a hurry to buy a diesel car, choosing hybrids or electric cars.

Last week in Ivano-Frankivsk came to the Board of the company to inform them that the plant is closed. At the meeting people were given two months to find a new job.

Representatives of the Board also met with representatives of the city authorities. As told Deputy mayor Bogdan Bilyk, “Tyco electronics” will gradually reduce production to full closure. Explained it as the optimization of production and logistics, especially in those enterprises where workers are relatively plentiful.

“To people not sharply reduced sales volumes will limit gradually. Social payments and the salary promise to keep. Until the end of the year plan to release the production from our own turnover”, – said Bilyk.

LLC “Tyco electronics Ukraine limited” – part of the Corporation TE Connectivity, American electronics manufacturer and cable electronic components. The company operates in 30 countries with 200 thousand customers worldwide and delivers about 500 thousand different goods.