American drove 5300 kilometers, to report to the remote YouTube videos

Американец проехал 5300 километров, чтобы пожаловаться на удаленное в YouTube видео

American authorities have arrested a 33-year-old man who arrived in the Google office to complain about the remote from the site of YouTube videos and account. However, Kyle long did not prove their case, and immediately proceeded to threats to employees of the company. Mission Longa can not be called simple, from his home to the office Google – more than 5.3 thousand km, which he overcame.

On the remote account was the only video that was a guide for those who want to become rich without any efforts and in no time. Kyle’s father described a video of police strange and incoherent. It also appeared that the man had suffered from mental illness.

At some point he came up with the idea to make everyone a millionaire, which was filmed the video. Spouse Kyle asked to remove it from the Internet, as “such stupid trash you can’t show others.” When the man refused, his wife deleted the YouTube account and the video itself.

As noted by The Verge, the appearance in the offices of tech companies dissatisfied consumers is common. Last year someone Nasim Aghdam, for example, began in the office YouTube the shooting, lamenting the fact that her video propagandhi subject was removed from the monetization program, as well as censored.