American experts have called on NATO to adopt in Ukraine and Georgia

Американские эксперты призвали НАТО быстрее принять в свои ряды Украину и Грузию

Russian aggression against Ukraine could threaten the security of NATO allies, it said the number of American military experts, according to War on the Rocks.

Us General (RET.), former commander of US ground forces in Europe Ben Hodges; former military attache of the USA in Poland ray Wojcik; and Janusz Bugajski, expert at the Center for European policy analysis the United States, and In Small, the main coordinator of the programmes on transatlantic defence and security think tank CEPA commented that the Russian aggression can go beyond Ukraine and into other countries.

“What is happening in Ukraine, not necessarily only Ukraine”, – stated in the article.

They added that the Russian aggression in Ukraine threatens the security of NATO allies.

Experts believe that the action plan on NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia needs to be more decisive.

“NATO should support its partners in the Black sea region – Ukraine and Georgia, increasing investments in their economic development,” the article says.

Experts warn, after the U.S. withdraws its troops from Germany, NATO will need a more coherent strategy to protect its Eastern borders and to resist the attempts of Russia to expand military presence in Europe.